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After seeing the third floor renovation of our house, several of our friends were inspired to incorporate colour into their homes. I was hired by one to assist her in selecting colours for her new town house. The major living spaces of her home faced directly east into a forest and received minimum natural light. Since the townhouse complex was built in the early 70's, the wood trim details were minimal. The solution for making the space work was to update the lighting, use saturated colour, and install new wood trim better suited to the scale of the interior space.

I have had several colour consulting projects since, which I have enjoyed thoroughly. In one in particular, I developed a colour palette and guidelines for the clients; and the remainder of the project was done digitally. The clients experimented with the paint colours, and via digital photographs and email, we developed a paint schedule. Then we brought in the painters to finish the work.

A more recent colour consulting project was an entire house for a plastic surgeon located in Windsor, Ontario. After a detailed site review, I presented a preliminary colour palette for client review. Once the colours were approved, I developed a detailed paint schedule. The painting work was then completed in about four weeks.

    Architect's Residence
Artwork by:
Otis Tamasauskas
& Cybèle Young
  Private Residence
Windsor, Ontario
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Private Residence
with Colour

Architect's Residence Artwork by:
Sandra Rechico
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