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  TRIPLE X - Visual Arts Ontario - Toronto, Ontario - 2005
W. F. Heartwell Architect
Grass Sculpture  
Visual Arts Ontario (VAO) celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2005. This milestone represented the culmination of three decades of VAO's positive impact on the careers of thousands of artists across Ontario. VAO organized a province-wide exhibition that included 97 works of art traveling Ontario over a two-year period. The complete itinerary for Triple X was as follows:
  Office of the Lieutenant-Govenor of Ontario - Toronto
June 2006
  Queen Street West Gallery District - Toronto
November 2005
  The Thunder Bay Art Gallery - Thunder Bay
December - March 2006
  The Art Gallery of Algoma - Sault Ste. Marie
March - April 2006
  Niagara Wine Region
June 2006
Text adapted from VAO Press Release Nov. 2005
64 Steps Contemporary Art
1164 Queen Street West, Toronto

Veriditas by Fran Freeman
Wild Plant Fibre Sculpture - 2004
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    Interior Elevation  
Floor Plan - VAO
    64 Steps Contemporary Arts - East Wall Layout  
Visual Arts Ontario - Plan Layout
    I was asked to serve as the Technical Advisor for the Triple X Art Exhibition for both the smaller exhibit at the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario - Queen's Park, Toronto, and for the complete show in the Queen Street West Gallery District, Toronto. Working with the staff of the VAO and Ed Phillips, the curator of the Toronto installations, we developed layouts in a CAD format for all eight locations along Queen Street West. Given there were only three days for installation in the Gallery district, all art locations and signage had to be finalized before any artwork could be moved. Only minor adjustments for on-site conditions could be accommodated with such a tight schedule. After three months of intense planning, the art work was installed in 2-1/2 days using professional installers, leaving a full day for the VAO staff to polish the presentation.


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VAO Crate Display


• Lennox Contemporary Art
• Loop Gallery
• 64 Steps Contemporary
• Visual Arts Ontario

Visual Arts Ontario
1153A Queen Street West, Toronto
Display of Packing Crates