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  Doctor's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998
W. F. Heartwell OAA MRAIC



Old Coat Closet

  W.F. Heartwell Archietct - New Waiting Room - Surgeon's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998  

The new offices for a Windsor surgeon were designed to accommodate extended services in the treatment rooms as well as a laser surgical clinic. The 1,400 sq. ft. space was previously a maze of rooms housing a dental clinic. Only the existing bathroom and shower were kept; and the rest of the space was completely re-organized. The office design had to provide a comfortable and non-clinical environment for the doctor's patients, many whom are seriously ill.

The new layout was organized around a central HC washroom and service station, with the core walls painted a deep blue. Three new examinations rooms, a laser surgical room and the doctor's private office were located around the core. Existing elements from the previous surgeon's office including furnishings were used in the design. All new furniture was custom-built.

Floating MDF paneling and a birch plywood reception desk separate the waiting room from the rest of the offices. The MDF paneling was stained a deep red mahogany colour as were the MDF panels in the examination rooms. The private office has a paneled storage wall, again made of stained MDF.

The project was developed and built in co-operation with the building owner, and the Doctor's specialized needs and budget.

  New Patient Waiting Area
Typical Stained MDF Panel
Chairs by Italinteriors Ltd
    W.F. Heartwell Architect - New Work Area, Surgeon's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998
Old reception Desk
  W.F. Heartwell Architect - New Waiting Room - Surgeon's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998    
  New Reception Desk
Floating MDF Panel and Door
Floating Glass Panel Above
    W.F. Heartwell Archietct - New Treatment Room - Surgeon's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998   W.F. Heartwell Archietct - New Reception Desk - Surgeon's Office - Windsor, Ontario - 1998    

Reception Desk - Office Side

Service Station
White Lacquer
on MDF
Typical Examination Room