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  Oakville Sports Medicine Clinic
Oakville, Ontario - 1997
W. F. Heartwell OAA MRAIC
  The Oakville Sports Medicine Clinic is a small rehabilitation clinic specializing in the care of sports injuries incurred by all ages. The space was originally an upholstering shop and was essentially a raw open area. Although the client opted for a more traditional interior, the original design was aggressive in its combination of fine finishes, limited use of gypsum board, exposed concrete block and open web steel joists.

In the end, the project reflected the needs of the client, providing ease of maintenance, and the comfort level required for the clientele. The MDF accent panels and the lively paint finishes were all maintained from the original design and were appropriately contrasted against a typical gypsum board interior.

  W.F. Heartwell Architect- Therapy Stations - OSMC - Oakville, Ontario  
    Interior Elevation  
Interior Elevation Looking North
Design Concept - Floor & Equipment Layout
    W.F. Heartwell Architect - Therapy Station - OSMC - Oakville, Ontario   W.F. Heartwell Architect- Exercise Stations - OSMC - Oakville, Ontario