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  Private Residence - High Park - Toronto, Ontario - 2006
W. F. Heartwell Architect
Exterior of Residence Existing Living Room as Playroom Existing Fireplace as Toy Storage Area Existing Coat Closet Existing Stairs to the Basement Existing Basement Storage Exisitng Laundry
Existing Exterior Elevation
With Window & Door Upgrades

Existing Living
Used as Child's Play Area

Existing Fireplace
Used as
Toy Storage Are
Coat Closet
Below Stairs to
the Second Floor
Existing Stairs to
The Basement
Existing Basement
Storage Area
One of Three
Existing Laundry Area
W.F. Heartwell Archtiect - HPR08 - Section Through Proposed New Stair to Basement  

Prior to the Client acquiring the house, it had gone through a rather unusual renovation in the 1970's resulting in a variety of raised platforms through out the house, and some very awkward detailing. The Client had already renovated and largely repaired the home including the replacement of the exterior doors and windows and a new kitchen, when I was called in to consult on the reworking of the First Floor and Basement.

The Living Room had become a play room for their child since there was no accommodation in the Basement and the Client desired to have the access to the Basement reworked in order to use that area more effectively. They suggested that the existing coat closet be relocated and the resulting space be used for a scissor stair. After a review of the existing conditions, we determined that there was just enough room to make it work.

Also included in this renovation would be upgrades to the Living and Dining Rooms, and in the Basement, a new Playroom, Laundry Area, a Powder Room, and a complete reworking of the Storage Areas would be accommodated.

I proposed a series of paneled storage units on the First Floor, an open stair case to the Basement, and again a series of paneled storage units throughout the Basement which would tie all the areas together, and provide the necessary storage. Upon completion of the design work, the Clients worked with their Contractor to implement the design, and further customized the concept. While they made a variety of changes, they adhered to the overall design concept, which resulted in a finished interior which pleased everyone.

  W.F. Heartwell Architect - HPR09 - New Stair to Basement
Section Through
Proposed New Stair
to Basement
    Finished Stair
to Basement
Replacing Existing Stair and Closet
Artwork by Cybèle Young
W.F. Heartwell Architect - HPR10 - Living Room Interior with Paneled Fireaplce Surround W.F. Heartwell Architect - HPR11 - New Floating Cabinet - Dining Room W.F. Heartwell Architect = HPR12 - New Playroom - Basement W.F. Heartwell Architect - HPR - New Powder Room - Basement W.F. Heartwell Architect - HPR15 - Living Room Interior Looking Towards the Dining Room
Renovated Living
With New Fireplace
& Wall Panelling
New Wall Hung Cabinet
Dining Room
New Playroom
New Washroom
Renovated Living Room
Looking Towards the Dining Room
Through the New Display Cabinet