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  Architect's Home - Toronto, Ontario - 1993
W. F. Heartwell OAA MRAIC
  Architect's Residence - Third Floor Plan   Finished Cabintry   Finished Trim awaiting Painting  
    Like all Victorian homes, ours had very few closets. In order to accommodate a closet under a sloping eave, I designed a series of MDF stepped units, then wrapped the MDF material around onto the adjoining wall to act as paneling. The paneling extended right across the door opening and was framed on the other side with the existing door trim. The door was also made of MDF with hidden hinges to maintain the monolithic nature of the paneling.

The MDF panels were sawn cut to reflect the dimensions of the existing baseboards and the steps. They were stained a rich red mahogany colour and we allowed the variations of the MDF finish to show.

Before - Third Floor Bedroom
  Demolition - Third Floor Bedroom   Finished Cabintry - Third Floor Bedroom
Cabinet Installation - Third Floor Bedroom
  Cabinet Door Installation - Third Floor Bedroom  
Further Renovations - 2004-2006