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  Equestrian Centre - Kingsville, Ontario - 2010
W. F. Heartwell Architect
  EC01 - Entrance to Site EC02 - Proposed Site for New Residence EC03 - Exisitng Foot Bridge to Western Fields EC04 - Proposed Site for the Arena Barn Complex East Field EC05 - Alternate Site for Arena Barn Complex West Field EC06 - Future Hay Fields and 7 Acre Bush
Entrance to Site
Proposed Site for
New Residence
Existing Foot Bridge Across Stream to Western Fields
Proposed Site for
Arena & Barn Complex
North of Proposed New Residence
Alternate Site for
Arena & Barn Complex
Future Hay Fields and
Existing 7 Acre Bush

The Client has been searching for an agricultural property to develop into an Equestrian Center for several years. Two properties were under consideration when I was requested to carry out site planning to ensure that the properties could be developed with the appropriate programming, which consisted of the following:

A Barn and Arena Complex which could accommodate a large Solar Array facing due south and at a 30° angle;
A Variety of Paddocks, Turn Out Rings and Circular Exercise Rings;
Manure Management and Storm Water Retention Systems;
Parking for Cars;
Storage for Trucks and Horse Trailers as per existing Bylaws;
The Possibility of Future Competition Show Rings;
A New Residence complete with a Summer House (Entertaining Pavilion) and Pond.

The layouts below show two of the three configurations for the Arena Barn Complex on one of the properties under consideration, as well as its location either in the west or east field. The site is bisected both east & west, and north & south by a stream under the jurisdiction of the local Conservation Authority (ERCA) complete with a 100 foot wide flood plain (shown by the yellow lines). Future development of the site necessitated bridging the stream with both a vehicular bridge to the west and a small vehicular bridge to the north.

The Client re-assessed their options and requested several alternates for site layout and barn arena comfigurations.

    Site Showing Arena Complex in the West Field Site SHowing Arena Complex in the Easr Field
    Partial Site Plan - Offset Barn and Arena     Partial Site Plan - Barn and Arena
H Shaped Configuration
Aerial Photograph from
The County of Essex
Interactive Mapping
2008 Edition
Existing Entrance to Site
Proposed Circular Exercise Ring
Existing House
Proposed Turn Out Paddock
Existing Pole Barn
100 Ft. Wide Flood Plain
Proposed New Residence
Proposed Vehicular Bridge
Existing Pedestrian Bridge
Proposed Parking Area
Proposed New Pond
Proposed Truck and Trailer Parking
Proposed New Summer House
Proposed Small Vehicular Bridge
Proposed Paddock
Future Show Ring
Proposed Entry Court
Future Outdoor Stalls
Proposed Arena & Barn Complex
Viewing Stand