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  Curling Hall of Fame and Museum of Canada - Kitchener, Ontario - 1994
W. F. Heartwell OAA MRAIC

I was asked by the Curling Hall of Fame and Museum of Canada Inc. to evaluate a building in Kitchener, Ontario with the intention of converting it into a museum. The museum was to house a display space, a pin room, an administration area, a library/meeting room, and a curatorial area including a restoration laboratory and long-term storage.

The building was originally used as the Registry Offices for the City of Kitchener. Though the building was in good shape, the finishes were tired, and the building had to be brought up to code. The project was to be developed in phases, allowing the Museum to move in immediately to catalogue their collection. The building would then gradually be updated to code and museum standards as funds became available. It was most important to create immediate excitement about the potential of the museum and to have the ability to bring the collection together for the first time.

I explored various layouts and possible future additions in order to provide facilities for the handicapped and visiting school children. Upon completion of my report, the Museum went into full fund raising mode.

  Registry Building
First Street View
Front Elevation - Culring Hall of Fame
First Floor
Museum Layout
  Axonometirc of Proposed Floor Plan - Curling Hall of Fame - Kitchener, Ontario