World Wide Welsh Terrier Gathering (WWWG) Halifax - Nova Scotia - 2001  
WWWG Group Photo
Members from the Yahoo Welsh Terrier List gathered in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the late summer of 2001 to celebrate their friendship and their dogs. Lee Steeves and Bill Heartwell organized the event. The first ever Welshie Olympics were held and won by Wee Marge. The festivities culminated with a fine meal of lobster and scallops.
  WWWG - 11 Legged Race - Welshie Olympics  
WWWG - Water babies - Welshie Olympics
  WWWG - Winner of the Welshie Olympics - WEE MARGE
  Welshie Olympics - 10 Legged Race
Sanda with EZRA & Candy with ADT LEROY
Welshie Olympics - Water Babies
Welshie Olympics - Grand Champion
Concha with WEE MARGE
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