WTAC at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 1998 - 2003 Welsh Terriers
Baxter at the Cottage

In the early fall of 1998, the Welsh Terrier Association of Canada (WTAC) asked if I would design and present a booth at the Celebration of the Dog - Royal Agricultural Winter Fair held in Toronto, Canada. With a limited budget, I pulled together a display winning Best Booth in Terrier Group. In order to offset the cost of the booth, as well as to ensure our continuing appearance at the Royal, I developed a line of clothing, first presented in 1999.

We attended the Fair for a five consecutive years and presented EMILY'S QUILT in 2000. The quilt was designed and sewn by members of the Welsh Terrier email group for a young member of our group suffering from a rare form of cancer. She has since fully recovered and loves the quilt. The following year we won Best Presentation of the Celebration of the Dog.

We attended the Fair one additional year, but only as a guest speaker, with Bertie wowing the crowds as per usual. Baxter stayed at home since he never liked the attention of being on show.

WTAC Booth
Best Overall Booth
Celebration of the Dog
WTAC at the Royal - 2001
WTAC at the Royal - 2000
WTAC Booth
Emily's Welsh
Terrier Quilt
WTAC Booth
Introduction of
Welsh Wea
WTAC at the Royal - 1999
WTAC at the Royal - 1998
WTAC Booth
Winner - Best Booth
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Celebration of the Dog
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