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Welsh Terrier - DaBoys + One - The Book - Morgan's Arrival
Welsh Terrier - DaBoys + One - Morgan's Arrvial 2
Welsh Terrier - DaBoys + One -The Book - Morgan with Bill
Morgan with Bill
Welsh Terrier - DaBoys + One - The Book - Morgan with Ed
Morgan with Ed
Welsh Terrier - DaBoys + One - The Book - Morgan In Muskoka
At the Cottage
Thursday - March 18, 2008
Morgan Arrives

Tuesday - March 18, 2008 - 8:32 am - Welsh Rescue

Two year old male neutered.
71 year old lady lost her husband and cannot keep dog.
Think about it. Get back to me.

Jennifer Weeks


Tuesday - March 18, 2008 - 9:59 pm - What the Hell Happened Today

Well as a few of you know I have been swamped with work of late - a 5 month long project from hell - great client but loads of problems. We are almost at an end of it and I am trying to wrap things up this week and construction can begin next week. It has been a long haul, and boy do I need a rest and a vacation. Just a wee bit sleep deprived as well.

It also didn't help I have lost my email server and I am sending from the hotmail site. Just what you need at a very critical moment of a project no email!

So I got up today thinking about cleaning all the loose ends up on this project, and deciding to also tackle the email problem, and ended up just putting the dog in his crate. Oh did I miss something there. Yes it seems I did.

We had to do a rescue of a 2 year old Welshie this afternoon - not on my schedule I can tell you that. The owner just recently died and his widow just could not cope so ........

For the next few weeks or maybe longer, it is

Bill and Ed and Morgie aka Morgan (hey you think you hard a day, where the hell AM I! - I don't sleep in a crate - where's my big bed!)


Friday - March 21, 2008 - 9:59 pm - Introducing Morgan aka Morgie

Well here is the little rescue darling - the foster pup from near HELL!  What to say.

Welsh - male - 2 years old - I have not even had time to look at his papers.

His previous owner passed away a few weeks ago, and his widow just found it too difficult to take care of Morgie.  Welsh Terrier Rescue - Canada style - to the rescue.  Mind you it was only a 20 minute car ride west of here, and friends had lent us their car for the week so it all turned out fine.  We were only informed about Morgan on Tuesday morning around 10:00 am from Jennifer Weeks of WTAC, and I picked up Morgan at 2:00 pm that afternoon.  To say there was no time to prep for a new dog would be an understatement.

When I arrived to picked him up, he was bouncing off the walls - he is a wild little beastie - who needs a lot of retraining.  He is not evil like Baxter, not quite as affectionate as Bertie but somewhere in between.  He is very demanding of affection but on his own terms.  And he can JUMP oh boy can he jump.  I turned my back and he is on top of the piano!  or up on the table drinking my tea!


As for eating, he loves his treats, but doesn't eat that much.  I think he free ranged his food, but now he is given food in the morning and the evening - 15 minutes and that's it.  Oh but he does like to snack - plastic bags, a small Christmas light bulb which by the way was behind the coffee machine on the counter, mysterious things in the night.  He has jaws of steel - once it is in - it stays in.  Now the packet of lights, he mostly spit out but insisted on eating one - crunch - and he spat out the base.  Nothing like a yummy taste of broken glass for breakfast  and an emergency call to the vet at 6:30 am.  The solution - bread soaked in milk and hope for the best.  The plastic bag has not seen daylight yet.

He is into everything, and I thought daboys were bad !  They are looking like angels in retrospect.  But he is not evil, just unstructured.  He jumps on everything and everybody.  He loves other dogs and is quite loving.  Yes I have my first bite from him over the Christmas light bulb thing.

Now he still being considered as a foster dog  - we are evaluating him over the next few weeks as well as retraining him.  With his eating habits I am beginning to wonder if he will live that long, given glass and plastic are so good for the digestion.

He does not know how to heel but we used a halti collar on him today.  He didn't like that nor does he like having a leash on him all the time.  He is extremely limited where he can go - he hates that.  But he cannot be trusted.  He also had a pee pad to use at his condo - that is gone and we are carte training - no accidents in 2 days.  And he just loves being in a crate - NOT!  Whine whine whine - he will get use to it.

Ed and I find ourselves a little indifferent to him.  We had no time to prepare for this, and actually at the moment it is not such a bad thing.  It does make it easier to retrain him, and not fall for those sad eyes, and the cute tilt of the head.  Been there before, and once was enough!

Ed and I look at each other and wonder how his original couple managed to cope with him - such a little beastie.  He has been to school, and knows most commands.  He is allowed up on the couch when invited - that is new to him but he is getting the hang of it.  He likes to lay beside you, and has rolled over onto his back for tummy rubs from both of us, so he is training us and the same time recognizing us as dominant.  It is a good thing.

So some progress - could have lived without the light bulb incident and the plastic bag incident but onwards.

And the house was so peaceful and quiet on Tuesday morning - sigh.

Bill and Ed and Morgie (any more crunchies to be had)