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Welsh Terrier - Agilty - Baxter Performing Agility at City Hall
Baxter at City Hall
Welsh Terrier - Agliity - Baxter Exiting the Teeter
Baxter at City Hall
Welsh Terrier - Agility -Baxter Gets His Reward
Baxter's Reward
Wednesday - November 27, 2002
Agility Memories

A response to the new members of the list who have just taken up the joys of training a Welsh for Agility Competition.

Ah those fine memories of training a Welsh for agility when you can hear them say the following so clearly with their bodies:

"No I don't know how to do this."

"You want me to do what - I don't think so."

"Oh that jump - you should have said so in the first place."

And then they give you "THE LOOK':

"I am just going to step out of the ring and check on:
(a) the crowd
(b) snacks
(c) lunch preparations
(d) the other ring
(e) that dog over there
(f) the pond
(g) the leaf
(h) the recording desk
(i) the car
(j) the fence
(k) my OTHER friends
(l) that tree over there
(m) the ice cream vendor
(n) the lake
(o) the tent
(p) my bladder
(q) that funny noise over there
(r) that funny smell over there
(s) that pee spot
(t) the day old scent of prey
(u) the dead thing I saw a few hours ago
(v) that paper wrapper
(w) the other judge
(x) the pretty ribbons
(y) the treats in the cooler
(z) THAT TOY!"

Ah yes and then there was getting up at 4:00 am to drive to some unknown destination that even a GPS unit couldn't find!

All fond memories and I miss them.

Bill and Da Boys (agility - what is agility?)