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Welsh Terrier - DaBoys the Book - Baxter at City Hall Demo - Final Jump
City Hall Demo Finsih - Final Jump
Thursday - March 06, 2000
Another Agility Trial - Another Story
Ah the joys of being positive, or so I have been told. Therefore, I will not tell you about how I smashed the grille on the new Volvo as I was parking at the fair grounds. Nor will I tell you about how cold an unheated cow barn can be at 7:00 am on an early March morning.

I could go on about a young girl who flung a dog toy in her hand just by the start gate, thereby distracting all the dogs but that would be just too mean of me. I should not mention that Baxter refused the A-frame several times, but instead ran through the tunnel 3 times, and how we moved onto the next item, which was the second tunnel and he refused that one too. I could also mention how Baxter again refused the A-frame in his second run and then ran through the wrong tunnels AGAIN, but I will not.

And it would just make me look bitter, by telling you about another Baxter, who competed just before us. He was an all Canadian in breed, and only learned the teeter tauter last week. It would be petty of me to mention that this was his very first time in competition and he not only got a leg, but placed third. It would be catty of me to mention that the other Baxter was just a wee bit over weight too.

It would be repetitious of me to say Baxter went off course and went in search of cow delights, and actually found something behind the ring stewards. And I would only be seeking sympathy by telling you how time consuming it was to catch him and carry him out of the ring. And I would look pathetic if I told you about the embarrassment I felt too.

And it would sound like whining if I told you about the amount of time, money and effort I have put in training this dog, only to have him consistently be rotten in competition, but perfect in practice and demonstrations. And I would just be downright bitchy of me to express the devastation that I felt AGAIN carrying the little bugger off the course with my hands tightly squeezed around his little neck (OOPS I do digress again).

Instead I will take the high road, and tell you about the positive things that happened:

1. Baxter did cross the start line and successfully completed 3 pieces of equipment.

2. Baxter did successfully complete his first set of weave poles in competition.

3. Baxter & Bertie did spend most of the day in the same xpen and didn't kill each other.

4. The kitchen soup at the snack counter was home made and was very good.

5. The Volvo has heated seats and felt very good after being in an unheated cow barn for 7 hours.

Next competition - April 01, 2000 - fools day - my patron saint!

Bill and the non-agility monsters

Post Script
Baxter has been mailed out with stamps on his ass to some place where they will under appreciate him, and return postage was not included. If any of you find him, there is no reward, and take you time returning him. I am in no hurry to see his little fuzz butt unless it is going like hell over an A-frame.