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Welsh Terrier - Daboys in the Back Yard
Da Boys
Welsh Terrier - Daboys - Baxter Posed
Welsh Terrier - Daboys - Bertie Posed
Tuesday - June 25, 2003
Itchy & Scratchy
  Da Boys here.

We have been busy with our bipeds entertaining, practicing agility, and shampooing.

But first, we went to an agility practice last week. Baxter was bored by it all, but he did the weave poles. Go figure. I was fabulous and did everything, but half way through I remembered I could play and run around. AND I DID. But I did come back to Bill and finish the course. It was too hot to go this week.

Our biped has put Baxter on acidophilus for his chronic ear infections, and as recommended by Lee. He has been on it for 2 weeks and so far his ears have not gotten any worse, nor cleared up either, but still this is an improvement. We have a 2 month supply so I guess Baxter will continue on it for awhile.

We both still have skin problems due to allergies. We get twice a week shampoos (YUCK) and we are holding are own on those. No great improvement, but not bad either. We are still on our special diet of IAMS EVD Response Formula (FP) and no longer get our fatty acid pills. I personally miss them - they were so yummy and gooey, and all wrapped in peanut butter. MMMMMMMMMMMM good.

And we have saved the best for the last. On the Solstice, our biped had a party to celebrate the beginning of the summer. They cooked for days (breads, olive tapenade, eggplant spread, olives, cakes, ice cream, BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken, potato salad, cold slaw) - oh it smelled so GOOOOOD!. But alas we didn't get any, so we took matters into our own paws.

Since the party was on a Saturday, the bipeds went to the bakery for their weekly fix of goodies, and we played right along with them. (HEHE.) When one was outside setting up, and the other upstairs neatening up, we stole the box of goodies from the dining table and ate them all. We had a cheese danish, a blueberry cheese danish, a cinnamon sticky bun, AND a bran muffin including the wrapper. It was so good, we threw up several times and re-ate them. We managed to throw up in the front hall, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen - all just recently cleaned for the party - and only 2 hours before the guests arrived. WE DID OUR JOB WELL. We spent the evening in our x-pen, but did get to attend the party somewhat - off to one corner in the back yard I might add. Baxter pouted the whole time. Then we got our revenge on them during our late evening walk - if you get our meaning - and again the next morning, till our biped administered that awful pink stuff down our throats. He said something about it deserved us right!

Last night, as I was carried to the grooming table for my eye drops, Baxter tried to jump up and bite me. I got him good, right at the side of his left eye - lots of blood but no permanent damage. The little bugger! (It was fine this morning.) When it was time for him on the table, I jumped up and bite his bum - HA-HA!

We hear that we are going to the cottage and I get to hunt chippies again - WHOOPEE! but that is a few weeks away.

That's about it as we lounge in air conditioned bliss - it is real hot here today and we refuse to go outside unless it is to our own back yard. We both put on the brakes if they try to take us out through front door for a walk. We are no fools.

Happy Summer to all of our pals.

Baxter and Bertie